Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music Videos that SUCK

While idling on the internet today I thought it might be funny to post some of the worst music videos i've EVER seen, just for kicks. Some of them are a bit unsettling, others are fucking hilarious, but most are just plain stupid. Here we go:

[WARNING: Chicken's were harmed in the filming of this video]

Christopher Irons (aka Buddhist Guy)-Printa

Now i've actually met this guy in person a couple of times, brilliant sculptor but a lunatic nonetheless. Here's a great article on him written by Annie Paul for First Magazine:

Heidi Montag-Higher

Up next is Heidi Montag's brave attempt at having a music career...if I wasn't so fucking sick of seeing her plastic tits all over the place i'd advise her to stick to television. (I know its hard to watch but try to make it to the end, it gets worse...believe me).

Indian Thriller

This one is actually quite hilarious, I have no idea who sings it though, some Indian dude (needless to say the subtitles aren't real).

I-Maroon-Mi Salt

With this one it's actually hard to tell if these people realize the amount of cheese present in the production of the video. I don't know whether they're doing it on purpose or they're just completely oblivious to how badly it sucks (the song actually made it on Tempo's Top Ten Countdown though, but then again Tempo is absolute shit so it fits).

Lonely-Sound Killaz

I happen to know these people personally as well (sorry Matthew and Jordan, but somebody had to tell you the truth). This is just your textbook example of trying too hard.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's been so long since i've actually written something that wasn't a facebook status I barely know where to's been too long, subconscious since we've spoken. I almost lost my entire brain to become one of the drones still sucked in to these endless "social networking" fads. It's unbelievable, I left Hi5 for Myspace, Myspace for Facebook and now i've ended that 2 year love-affair to begin a whole new one with Twitter!

Is there something wrong with us that makes us crave attention from thousands of mostly anonymous people? Were we all not breast-fed enough? Or have we simply gotten so lazy we can't be bothered to step out into the sunlight and actually socialize with these people we call "friends"?

Sure "keeping in touch" via the internet isn't a bad thing, unless the person your "keeping in touch" with is actually sitting 3 feet away from you! [Yes, i've done this...quite often at that].

Last week one day I got out of bed and spent about 12 hours sitting in the same spot glued to the screen [I think I might have moved once or twice to use the bathroom or grab a snack but the majority of my day was spent working on getting that migraine to the highest point of intensity]. When did it get to the point where watching T.V is EASIER on the eyes?

There's a backlash coming, the internet didn't quite turn out to be the genius invention we all thought it would be, YouTube sucks and I just heard some woman got charged millions of dollars for downloading 28 songs! I'm about to sharpen a pencil and revert to snail-mail....then again, walking into a post office in Jamaica is like stepping right into the 16th Century, it's nearly impossible to even get an envelope there.

The worst part of all this is that as soon as i'm finished here i'll post a link to this post on Twitter.This tube is self-destructive,we must resist! It's control over us is sorta-kinda-almost-exactly like what happens in this video: