Monday, May 5, 2008

Penis (Coitus) Captivus

So more and more, each day, I am realizing that we are more like animals than we want to admit. I have often watched dogs in heat, and seen how a bitch can reject a male by simply sitting on herself to bar him entry...and subsequently wished it were that easy for us..I've never seen a bitch get raped if you know what I mean.

Today, however, THE STAR reports: "Couple Stuck During Sex":

Reports reaching THE STAR say that the man and the woman showed up to the hospital in an inseparable sexual position, similar to that of two canines that had got stuck during the mating process. It is understood that the woman had to be injected with muscle relaxant by medical staff to release her severe grip on the man. By this time, however, it was too late as oxygen and blood had stopped circulating in the man's member for too long, hence it had to be cut off.

Now i've heard of there being a psychological condition that involves a woman being so turned off of sex that she can literally 'lock' her vagina to bar the male entry, it is rare yes, but I have heard of such a thing. Never did I imagine a woman could tighten her vagina to the point where the male (already inside) could be trapped there.
Lo' and behold there is such a condition.

It is called Coitus Captivus and apparently,if a couple finding themselves in such a predicament do not get immediate medical attention the lack of blood and oxygen flow to the penis could deem it necessary to amputate! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well...they say they like it tight! I'm sorry, is it sadistic to find this shit hilarious? Well call me a sadist if it is. I'm just excited to find that it is possible for the vagina to damage the penis as much as the penis can damage the vagina!

I mean, these are the Cervical Cancer Statistics for 2008, in the U.S only (taken from the National Cancer Institute):
New cases: 11,070
Deaths: 3,870

Striking, is it not?

Now allow me my satisfaction since half of our Dancehall Songs go a little somethin like this: "gyal tap i noise, tap i noise tap i noise....gyal tek hot fuck, back shot yuh back bruk" (Aidonia)/ "Force it up hard in har..." (Mavado).

Just to clarify, for the men who don't know, there are times when in bed, a woman screams IN PAIN, NOT PLEASURE! This is NOT a good thing (for those of us who are not masochists, that is).

My Sympathies to the man whose dick had to get cut off....

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