Monday, December 24, 2007

The Curse of Idealism

Believing ever in the possibility of there being something better separates us automatically from the world of the realist and places us in the limbo of the idealist...
Subsequently we are challenged until the end of existence to not only think of an alternative that will aid in the betterment of us all, but also of a means of achieving said alternative, a means of mobilizing the until now silent masses to aid in the process that can only be a collective, communal effort if it is to be successful.
We must first start by eliminating the concept of "the individual"; first point, first barrier is that said concept is the primary characteristic of the human being, it is a fact, we leave the womb and enter the grave alone. It is a concept though that can be corrected through the principal unit of socialization; the family. If we are taught then and there to think beyond "the self", to think in terms of "we" rather than "i" then that would provide us a valuable starting point.
But within this unit we must be careful; the "we" of which I speak must not be limited in any way, to the members of that specific family, the members of that specific community, of that specific race, culture, nation. Ensuring this presents us another barrier, inherrent biases (cultural, political, social or other) always prove to influence the negative...
Before we can even get past the 'starting point' we have already come upon enough of a barrier to put an end to the entire quest...thus is the curse of idealism.

- Atlas

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yahnyk said...

Hmmm parri, seem like yuh deh pon an either or kinda vibes... but it doesn't have to be that way. That is a particularly western way of thinking and cosmology right there. The individual is as essential as the collective. Just as if you neglect a cell it dies apart of the body dies, and the individual need not become over consumed with his own existence but gain an understanding of the collective and his role in the collective. Easter cosmology and philosophy like those in Africa/Kush and India/Sind and China... deal wid the dual nature of existence - & + light dark and such... you can't have one without the other and an objective balance needs to be gained and maintained... and is true... yuh cyaah no of good without the existence of bad and there in lies hence some goodness or righted purpose for badness eh... and then some people go even further to contend that these things like good and bad are just us human projecting our feeling on things... like a hurricane... isn't evil or bad but we make it so an refer to it as such like it has internal motivations and evil origins, no natural phenom and we don't appreciate its presence so it is bad... other people will even contend that with out this very constant duality of opposites like individual vs collective and - vs + are the substance of life... or make life actually possible, like electricity can only become present with - and + ions and diodes etc, male and female... society can't exist with out the presence of individuals and collectives... so is all about balance.. and giving this "either or" duality war of the western world a big fuck off.

Yuh should check out Xeno/zeno too he was a lunatic greek philosopher who said that motion is impossible and duality is as well... he said things can't move and dont, and that their is only one thing... he explained it like this... if you have 2 things then they must be divided and so a third thing must make them separate, an then another set of things must sepaprate the 3 and so the break down becomes infinite and hence the logic of pluarals or plurality and idea of many is illogical impossible and not even science can contest that argument, mathematician have tried as well and failed... on motion he said... if you gonna walk 1 foot, u must first walk 1/2 a foot, but before that you must walk 1/4 and the sequence divides infinitely hence if you have to cross the infinite distance is logicallly impossible... and he spawned people who argued that their is only one and great consciousness and we are all just manifestations of that or that world we live in isnt even real but just a facet or just what we can perceive with the limitations of the brain, like a big net will never no of the little fish... the world is filled with info we aren't privy to because or data collection tools eye nose and such are limited... imagine how much more you would understand the world if you had sonar like bats or radar like daredevil... or could here to the great range that dogs do... you could hear people from greater distances and have more intimate knowledge of your environ... yuh dig yuh see wah mi a seh.... and imagine you could smell as well as dog and cats... your sex life would be better... pheromones would make you higher, you could know when people have cancer or seeing their period caah you can now intimately perceive them more etc... yuh know... yuh dig.... The I see it... The I know.... like more day dreama

oh and teh solution to the idealism curse is to have ideals and try to make them real... sensible ideals and then you will have a happy balanced life