Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why is this News?

So, according to "The Jamaica Gleaner", Tyra Banks being named "Woman of the year" by Ok! magazine is newsworthy information.
For anyone remotely curious enough to care; "The TV presenter was given the accolade by America's OK! magazine for her business sense, as well as her position as a role model for women worldwide". Yes, "role model", people apparently look up to her, not that i'm on a Tyra bashing trip, but let's hear why; "She said: "An average American woman is size 12 or 14. So if I look like a 10 or 12 in a picture and someone says I look disgusting, are they saying the majority of America is disgusting? That made me really upset, and that's why I decided to fight back.""

It's funny when and how people become 'advocates' for causes sometimes, so someone calls Tyra fat and now she cares about fat people, where was all this concern in her pre "curves" days?
It all sounds like nonsense spurred by bobble-headed vanity, and it sickens me that it is being celebrated through publication.

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