Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jamaican Mating Rituals: To Dominate or to be Dominated?

The Jamaican relationship as I view it is psychological warfare, it is a conquest for both the male and female element, though it is generally percieved as the conquest of the male, the strength of the female "game" is always underestimated to the point that the male does not even realize she is playing.
The principal arena for the selection of the mate is The Dancehall; bodies are girated to music to display ones talent and technique, that which is also implicit of ones sexual skills. Notice that within the arena of The Dancehall, the males are most often found on the periphery, so that they are provided with an adequate view for the selection of their prey. Unbeknownst to them however, the girating female in the centre has often by this time already selected hers (females still in contemplation stand on the periphery with the males). The strategy of the female is to attract her prey with her giration, so that by his approaching her, he entirely is unsuspecting of her own power. If a number of candidates approach, she simply rejects those she does not desire.
From the beginning, the female sizes up her opponent, she can tell by his shoes, his stance and his pants whether he's a 'gangsta', a 'bitch', a 'tief' or a 'clown' and based on the conclusion a strategy for control is devised.
The 'bitch' may or may not even require a strategy since he is so easily dominated anyway, but depending on the level of desire/willingness there may be some barriers that need crossing, some personality traits that may need 'changing'; for instance, if he's a church-goer, you may need to become one to get your foot in the door, the only real challenge here is deciding whether you want him enough to compremise certain aspects of your selfhood.
Where the domination of 'the bitch' is concerned the trick is the tease...he doesn't even need to get any for you to have control, once he does though, good luck trying to get rid of him...the point though is to keep him around to do your errands.
The 'tief' and 'clown' should both be avoided at all costs, they are a waste of time and the victory of their control would come with no reward.
Now, the 'gangsta' is a challenge, and there are different degrees of 'gangsta'; on a superficial level a target can be identified by the level of Marijuana intake (whether said "draw" is followed by a cough). Upon identification of her target, the skilled female makes absolutely no attempt to approach him, for the 'gangsta' he must always believe that the conquest is his, always, even as the relationship progresses. Here, the trick is also the tease...but as opposed to the conquest of 'the bitch', this is not a physical tease, but an emotional one. Now, the 'gangsta' rarely ever WANTS emotional attachment but begins to CRAVE it when he finds himself an apathetic female. This is mainly the case because of the general misconception of the female as "weak", "emotional", "clingy", when the male finds a female defiant of the stereotype he feels himself inadequate, he thinks; "if she doesn't love me, i'm not doing it right". This is why it is important to give the 'gangsta' the best sex of his life, the more of this he gets, the more he'll want to return the favour, the more he returns the favour, the more he doubts himself because of the female's inability to "fall in love" with him....Get the chain?
It sounds easy, this game, but tread lightly, only the strong survive....

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