Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wait, there was an Amerie/Beyonce Beef?

[Chuckle] Where was I when the beef of the century was happening? Just this morning I was forced to watch an onslaught of what was maybe six Beyonce videos back-to-back-to-back-to-back on MTV Jams, one of them i'd never seen before reminded me of one of Amerie's from way back when.

Did some research and what I discovered...chick beef!

So apparently Beyonce had 'dissed' Amerie in a video and Amerie 'dissed' Beyonce back on a mixtape [yes, apparently she does these...dwl]:

Amerie- Because I Love It (Intro) Lyrics:

I'm saying who told yall,
Amerie would be back on the block.
It's been a minute,
But I see the fake has gotta stop.
Six months, and yall done checked my style
Thinkin I was M.I.A., that's wishful thinking child.
It's obvious to see,
Chickens try to bite it,
But they can't cop my delivery.
My style, my aggression on the track,
When yall chicks know yall wasn't singing like that, Yeah!
So let me break it down for ya,
To the ground for ya,
Go and chase that track.
Pay a hundred stack,
But you can't buy my sound,
Can't take my flow,
Can't bag my swag,
NO, Nooo-ooo-ooo [u know in that annoying crescendo way she does her "ohs"]

[I would post the song but I think one Amerie video is more than enough here]


Amerie - 1 Thing (Official Music Video)

Beyonce-Green Light

Beyonce - Green Light (Official Music Video)
With the exception of replicating the very same trademark annoying crescendo, Beyonce doesn't actually say anything in the song that could be interpreted as 'beefing' at Amerie, but the video is clearly a parody.

Amerie on the drama [XXL Magazine]:
This all I'm going to say about that: People are saying I've sampled 'Green Light' as a diss but I sampled myself from '1 Thing.' I don't think it's that big of a deal, anyway. R&B beef is corny. 'You can't sing or dance like me!' That's so corny. I don't love rap beef, but I can understand it. Us, we're singers [laughs]. It's so unecessary.

Amerie's reaction when she heard Beyonce's 'Green Light':
"Umm, I'm not going to comment on that. I'm just going to say, I would never take a sample of any other female's music. Even on my mixtape, there isn't any other female's music being redone. I didn't sample 'Green Light' to get at her, and I'm not going at Beyonce on the record."

Anyway, I really don't know why i'm posting this, serious television overload. Except for the fact that chick beefs are totally lame.

So, who wins at the end of the day? Truth is Amerie has been "M.I.A" but aren't we all sick of Beyonce's ass, and hips, and thighs, and ability to 'drop it'? [and now in her latest video, her boobs?]....well, no.

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