Monday, July 20, 2009

The seriously FUCKED pyche of a Jamaican skin-bleacher

When I saw the title of this article ('Bleaching destroyed my skin') on BBC today I thought "yu fucka yu, who tell u fi a rub out u culla?". It's always been something i've found more than a little puzzling, why on earth would anyone believe that they would be more attractive as a croaking lizard? [croaking lizards are these hideous almost translucent white creatures that stick to your wall and frighten the shit out of a number of Jamaican women].

Anyway, how did I not instantly think the subject of the article would be Jamaican?

Meet Carlene (not the Dancehall Queen one) a 35-year-old Jamaican woman with a serious "brownin" complex.

After three years of heavy skin-bleaching she finally admits to the fact that she is burning her skin beyond repair...commendable [ish] right? Ye you might think so if she didn't bother to state a number of times that despite the fact that it makes one look like a hideous gila monster she would STILL recommend that others interested in "evening out their skin tone" simply use a milder skin-bleaching compound.

In the article Carlene describes a typical day:
When I wake up, I use warm water and hair removing cream to bathe my skin.
Then I go and rub on my stuff, which is a mix of Bioclear oil with the cream.
I rub it on night and morning. No matter what hours I came up the road, I love to get my thing on.
Trust me. If you knew me then and now...
Some people who knew me before I started bleaching say I messed up myself.
Some people say: 'You look too fake!'
Some look at me like a Barbie doll because I wear a lot of make up and my face is just so pretty.

So, I know you're thinking she must be insane, this is just one person, she is in the minority...and while she may very well be this how the people in her community respond whenever she stops bleaching for a while; "You get too black man, you need to start rubbing." [sigh]

BBC Article Here

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brie said...

i keep going back to this article and searching for it brought me to your article.
it amazes me each time i read it and i'm not even sure why because i've seen worse than this woman where i come from (Ghana). It's some crazy stuff. I don't think people like her can ever be convinced that skin bleaching is bad, not really...take her back to her darker days and she would stillll wanna try to lighten her skin a bit more. it's the producers who should be targeted...